Body to Body Massage: Benefits Beyond Relaxation

Many have irked away from the body to body massages because of the negative reputation it has garnered since its inception. But this unique experience has a number of benefits that holistically caters to the stress people face on a daily basis.


This article lists down the common benefits the human body receives from this form of therapy. Not only does it refill the body with renewed energy and soothes every nerve of the body, but it also throws the individual into a new and exciting world brought about by the peaceful yet sensual body to body massage in London.

Lowers blood pressure and improves blood circulation

Who would have thought that a masseuse rubbing her naked body over the client could help improve blood circulation, let alone lowering blood pressure?

Yes, this is according to a recent research where it was found that this unique sensual experience aids in the release of toxins that are trapped in the body’s muscular tissues, which include the larger muscles and organs. The specific techniques utilized by the professional trigger and stimulate the body’s pressure points, resulting in better blood flow circulation. This, in turn, helps improve the delivery of oxygen throughout the body and aids in the absorption of nutrients within the muscles.

Improves heart function and overall health

Since a good therapeutic massage lowers blood pressure and improves circulation, another benefit is that it improves the heart’s overall health, allowing it to function optimally.

Reduces stress and anxiety

Stress has been defined as a response to pressure or threat, while anxiety is a feeling of unease or fear which can either be mild or severe. In fact, recent studies have found that a number of health problems are stress-related. Stress increases or worsens risks of Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, depression, asthma and even gastrointestinal problems.

Thus, one of the best natural ways to fight off these stress-related problems including anxiety is a good body to body massage in London. A natural positive energy will sweep through the body after a relaxing therapeutic massage, returning to a state of relaxation.

Helps improve sexual energy

One of the great benefits of a body to body massage is that it helps improve sexual energy. For individuals with complications when it comes to their sexual energy or for those who want a stronger orgasm, the professional therapists will bring out the sexual energies buried deep within an individual’s stressful body.


Not only that. Couples also highly benefit from the body to body massages as a form of therapy. It helps improve their sex life and spiritual bond. It might be kinky at first, but once the appropriate pressure points are pressed and sexual tension has been relieved, then surely couple will have a far better relationship follow the therapeutic massage.

Immune system booster

The body’s central nervous and immune systems benefit greatly from body to body massage, as tissues are normalized when the soft muscle tissue and pressure points are targeted during the therapy. Unlike traditional massage where only the hands are used, body to body massage uses every part of the masseuse’s bare body, channelling the positive and sensual energy that helps in healing.


The overall impact is healthy rejuvenation and holistic healing.

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