Luxurious cat beds and cozy cushions designed to suit all cats, most of our beds are made using the non-looped fabrics.   A single thread weave which attracts cats to the bedding is also safe and easy to wash and keep clean. No more snagging or shredded towels as the fabric simulates the texture of a towel without loops to cat sharp cat claws.

The bonus of being stitched all the way through so the filling does not clump or move when washed means the life of a KittyKit Cat Beds far exceeds many other cheaper options on the market.


KittyKit Bed selection is simply design for cats by cats (well almost by cats).

We often hear someone saying I have brought many bedding and my cat will not use them.   They attract cats to them and do not hold the dirt so east to wash. All beds are stitched through so when you wash the wadding stays in place.

cats bed

Finding the right cat bed?

  1. How does your cat sleep – Curled up or Stretched out?
  2. Where does your cat usually sleep?

Once we have these answers we can advise the type and style to look at. For example, a cat who like to stretch and sleep on the floor we suggest the padded pillows in various sizes.

A cat who hides and curls up the cat head igloo is perfect and a cat who likes soft padding like a duvet will love our deep cushions. One piece of advice we do suggest is to wash your bed when home. Cats are extremely sensitive to smell and often when they will not use a bed it can be smell related.  Now, this is where you’ll need an obedient cat, because you’re going to have to measure him (or her) from head to bottom – no not the whole tail. We can’t have him cramped-up like a cat contortionist; measure, add a few inches and buy one with suitable dimensions. He should then be able to turn around without banging his head ever time.  Choose a bed to suit your cat’s natural sleeping conditions.

Cat’s, as with humans, do like to sleep in different positions and environments. If, for example, your cat chooses to sleep under your bed, perhaps with your husband, then that’s the environment he’s most comfortable with. Therefore, choose a bed that’ll provide him with that reassuring cover; a cave style design perhaps.

Did you know that a cat sleeps longer than your average teenager! Unlike your average teenager, cats are laid back, stress free creatures that enjoy a modicum of independence; however, they do have a penchant for sleeping, indeed, it’s what they do best.


A cat needs lots of love, attention, food and, most importantly, a comfy bed; preferably not your bed, your sofa nor your favorite coat, give your cat its very own cozy cat bed.


So, what should you look for when choosing a bed for your feline friend?


First and foremost, find a reputable online company that has an easy to navigate, informative website.

Look for a company that has a good trading record, offers a range of options, sound advice, and an efficient service; there are quite a few available, such as, the Kitty Kit Company.

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