Content delivery network

Content delivery network is very important for your website growth

Why is CDN so important?

You know there are 1000s of websites for the same thing and the internet has become a great source of information. When a person comes to the internet and opens a Content delivery networkwebsite for information, and it does not open quick, he might click on back button and open another link. Which means everybody is in a hurry now even a delay of one second can cause your loss of 7% of traffic. Everybody that has website wants to improve their content delivery network so that their website will open quick and fast and your traffic will stay with you.

What are major benefits that you can get from CDN?

Implementing CDN on your website can change everything, and it affects everything from your internal architecture to performance management and IT staff. Your website and its future depend on visitors, and you cannot lose one of them. You have to do all the possible actions that can save you from losing any potential visitors. So if you will get CDN and put it on your website, then you might get these benefits out of that will tell you that it is worth spending money on because it will increase your revenue to some extent and will help you growing your business to new markets and new levels.

  • It reduces the load time of page significantly
  • It increase the revenue by 1% on every 100ms in the improvement of the load time of page
  • It attracts more customers when they see they will save time by using your website they always come to you
  • Traffic is easily manageable by CDN
  • Maximum availability of product that you provide to visitors
  • More secure networking then without CDN
  • There would be none of the geographical barriers
  • You will give easy delivery of all the video and audio contents
  • You will build a more attractive and interactive website without risk of losing your visitors
  • Your visitors from mobile will get easy access
  • You can branch out new region
  • Easy management of peaks of traffic
  • You will get more scalability of your own business, and you can grow it up to extent that you want
  • There would be fewer downtimes of your websites
  • You would be able to set your own criteria so that you can enable the best performance of our business

These are some basic benefits that you will get after installing CDN highwinds. It will not only help in growing your business but also give you a platform for easy interaction with your visitors. You can customize your website without thinking that it will make your website heavy and page load time will increase.

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