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If you consider how long most people sit daily in their home office chairs and office chairs it is clear that any bad habits or misguided seating arrangements have the potential to have a bad, negative impact on your health.

Once back problems begin they are very hear to cure, and visits to various medical specialists on a monthly basis in order to alleviate the pain a little is the best that a lot of people can hope for.


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Let’s take a look at some of the effects of bad posture:

1.      Your current image.

People who spend all day sitting hunched or slumped without propert proper office chair back support can look shorter, older and even fatter, as well as giving off a subliminal message about the amount of work they are doing.

Sitting in an upright, straight backed way gives off a powerful, professional image which could improve your career prospects as well as your long term health.

Poor office chairs put stress on your spine


2.       Long term back pain and other back problems.

Being hunched over or having the back twisted in some way by badly chosen office chairs  puts a lot of pressure on the back and the invertebral discs. This can lead to long term, chronic back complaints.

If you feel a bit sore or stiff after just a few hours work then think how that will accumulate over time to give you a real problem.

Think for a minute about how long we spend in our comfy office chairs and you will realize that a little pain now can lead to serious problems in the future.

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3.      A bad posture can also lead to neck strains or headaches.

This is generally the case when the user leans forward too much in their office chair and puts too much stress on their neck muscles. The longer term issue is what is known, in the sufferer’s later years, as dowager’s hump.

People who suffer from this affliction, also called hyper kyphosis, tend to be more susceptible to other health problems. Choosing a high back office chair is one way to help avoid this.

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4.      Other problems which can be caused by a bad posture include breathing problems,  nervous system issues, high blood pressure and even a hormonal imbalance.

All of these seemingly unrelated health issues can often be traced directly back to years of working in office chairs which didn’t suit the sufferer’s needs or help them work with a good, straight posture.

To sum up, what we want to present here is a list of the differerent types of office chair furniture which not only look good but which can also have a positive effect on your health.

There is nothing better than curing a problem before it has even caused you any worries, so whether it is your first office chair or whether you have been using office chairs for decades it is still well worth taking the time and effort to find one which suits you and which will help give you a great, healthy posture at work, avoiding health problems and a bad work image.

If you already have a back problem then we will look at possible solutions such as the ball office chair model.

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