typing for beginners

Typing for Beginners, Become a Typist in no Time.

Boost up Your Typing Speed:

If you are not good in fast typing and having so many mistakes in a single sheet of the document then just don’t worry for this. All of your tying problems will be no more. You will surely write on your CV that you are a fast typist. What all of you have to do is to practice the typing skills of yours.

A good typist gets a good amount of salary package from the company. If you want to get the excellent pay package, then you have to learn the ground rules of fast typing. That is quite easy and don’t be die-hard. You will learn in no time.


Typing for Beginners, in an Easy Way:

Fast typing is very comfortable. You just have to follow the rules of the writing and by practice the skills you will become a fast typist in no time. The Typing for beginners testing is very comfortable now. You have to keep in brain the basic techniques and basic methods, and you will get the maximum speed that you want.


The Basic Finger Positions:

You should understand the first rules of the fast typing. You have to follow this rule whenever you type. This thing will help you to get rid of the mistakes. The middle finger of the right hand must be on the J key, and the first finger of the contrary must be on the F key. You can also feel the upper level of these keys with your fingers.


Split the Keyboard into Two Parts:

If you understand the first rule of the typing then just come to the second rule. It is very easy to comprehend. You have to use the keyboard with both of your hands. Half of the keys will be on the left hand while half of the keys must be under the utilization of the right side.

You have to divide the keyboard into two parts. The keys on the right of T, H and N keys must be under your right hand. They are accessible to the use of right hand. The keys on the left side of the described keys are for the use of left hand. This method is; used for the fast typing skills.

The Body Postures:

You must understand the relaxing positions of your body. They will give you the comfort zone of your body. These are:

  • The feet should be straight or flat on the floor
  • The degree between your eyes and screen must be 15 and not more than 20 degrees.
  • The fingers should be on the keyboard and eyes on the screen.
  • You have to write while looking at the screen without looking at the keyboard keys.
  • Your back should be straight from the relaxing position.

These rules are for all the types of typists. You should follow such rules for relaxing and fast typing.

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